September 22, 2014

The Fundamental Problem of Barack Obama

When I was a boy, I remember reading a story about Socrates. He was arguing with some friends that everyone has a philosophy and is a type of philosopher. One of his friends disagreed, and said, “I don’t have a set philosophy; I make it up as I go.”

Socrates wisely responded: “That’s an interesting philosophy.”

Only a fool believes that you can function as a human being without a set of beliefs that make sense. Unfortunately, in this postmodern and insane world, many people are trying — including the President of the United States.

Ideology Itself Isn’t the Problem; Bad Ideology Is.

In 2009, Barack Obama got a lot of cheers when he gave the following line:

“We can place good ideas ahead of old ideological battles.”

Throughout his life, Obama has repeatedly used “ideology” as some sort of bad word, implying that people who serve ideology are somehow blind. He misses the fact that it’s only through ideology that we can understand the world around us.

And that’s the fundamental problem of Barack Obama. His attempt to be “ideologyless” has left him completely blind, incoherent, and open to every bad choice imaginable — he’s no philosophically equipped to make sense or do what needs to be done.

The Case for Having an Ideology.

Without a set ideology, it’s impossible to know whether an idea is good or not. Without a set ideology, it’s impossible to know whether something is practical.

Many people wrongly believe that pragmatism and idealism are at war with each other — this simply doesn’t make sense. Idealism is how we judge whether something is practical; pragmatism is how we achieve ideals. They’re two sides of the same coin.

Trying to live life without a set philosophy is like trying to paint without any type of paint. It’s fundamentally impossible. To mentally operate, you need a mental operating system. Philosophy is inevitable.

What Happens When You Ignore Ideology.

Barack Obama’s presidency has been a disaster. He began literally with a Nobel peace prize — and now most voters are more ok with a generic republican than another 4 years of him at the head of the government.

By conservative standards, he’s done everything wrong. By liberal standards, he’s done everything wrong. By libertarian standards, he’s absolutely done everything wrong.

He passed a health care law that has all but been destroyed, hasn’t passed a budget since becoming president, and has increased spending by trillions.

He’s pushed the United States even harder in the bad direction it was already going — and we’ve seen the US lose its AAA credit status.

Perhaps most importantly, his presidency is incoherent. There’s no clear message. It’s vague and ambiguous. For Reagan, it was all about taking on communism while increasing freedom at home. For Bush, it was all about defeating terror. For Clinton, it was the economy. But for Obama, there’s nothing clear — just vague words like “change”, even though we’ve seen precious little change at all.

For those who were passionately in his camp when he was running for election the first time, he’s been a complete no-show. He’s all talk — but nothing besides that. The reasoning for this is relatively simple — he simply doesn’t know what he believes or even how to achieve whatever it is he does believe.

He’s the president without a philosophy. A blind leader.

A Lack of Philosophy Is Still a Philosophy.

Don’t get me wrong — he’s certainly adhered to a philosophy. He’s supported an increasing role in government in nearly every area of our lives. Some have concluded that this means he’s a socialist. I disagree — I think he’s even worse.

A socialist steals from the rich to give to the poor. But Obama doesn’t adhere to that, necessarily — he steals from the rich and gives the money to random other rich people and corporations.

This isn’t socialism. This is random insanity. Sure, the poor get an increase in welfare — but not nearly all of the money goes to the poor. It’s redistributing without a set ideology, leading to the economic and business environment being based on uncertainty.

If he was a liberal leader, at least businesses would know what to expect. But he’s not — he’s leading on the basis of an incoherent, inconsistent, almost random ideology. And everyone’s suffering for it.

How to Succeed at Everything in Life.

Over the last century, the politically correct forces have united against anything close to coherent philosophy. The Founding Fathers believed in a systematic, rational universe. They believed in natural law. They believed in economic principles. And they believed that reason was the best way to form an opinion.

Now we live in a world where people claim that the only absolute is that there isn’t an absolute, that you should just “trust your heart”, and that it’s best to stay away from a coherent ideology.

These people use plenty of words to describe themselves — words like “balance” and “moderate” are their favorites. Unfortunately, they’re wrong.

The truth is that we do live in a systematic universe. There’s a proper way to go about government, health, finance, investing, and everything — and that’s what Safe Haven Reports is all about.

We follow the economic school of thought that predicted the Great Depression, the financial crisis, and every other great economic event in the last century. We follow the moral principles of natural law. And we believe that the universe makes sense.

We’ve turned these beliefs into money by looking at systematic, rational ways to invest. We’re retiring early, beating the market, and finding financial security — because we understand that the world is systematic.

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